“Despite federal gogardasiladvernment recommendations, only 45% of boys and 60% of girls are getting vaccinated against HPV”.  This is a quote from a medical correspondent on CBS.  Interesting statement since this vaccine does not prevent the STD, human papilloma virus.  A condom would actually prevent HPV, but with the widespread use of oral contraceptives in teenagers and young adults the condom wouldn’t seem as crucial.  This vaccination is marketed in this manner so often, but it actually prevents just four strains of HPV infections from becoming genital warts or cervical cancer.  Yet the campaign to induce an ignorant American public continues…

About 90% of these infections actually resolve spontaneously.  And, with regular gynecological examinations including a pap and subsequent HPV typing, if needed, the risk of death or even significant morbidity from cervical cancer is pretty rare.  So, rates of HPV continue in this population regardless of the vaccine.  And, it’s possible this isn’t the risk-free “cure” from death by cervical cancer.  In January of this year the American College of Pediatricians publicly raised concerns about the risk of premature ovarian failure in girls receiving the vaccination.  They also question the safety studies, especially long term.   About 1 in 4 US physicians don’t even feel comfortable making the recommendation to their patients.  Last summer, the European Medicines Agency also began an investigation into the safety of Gardasil and in Japan it is no longer recommended due to the high rates of adverse reactions.  The rates of adverse reactions are quite remarkable.

We all should be very cautious about these fast tracked vaccinations.  And, by all means, do your own research.  Do not rely on “talking to your physician” who has likely been visited or influenced by plenty of vaccine industry propaganda.  Maybe start with talking to your teens and young adults about the facts and how to prevent getting HPV in the first place.  Let them make the decision on the risks vs benefits.   HPV is 100% preventable.  And, don’t we have so many other medical issues that truly need to be addressed.

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