Sep 02, 2021 Dr. Hippocrates

A modern day Noah in the form of a family physician…

Some people might remember Vladimir Zelenko MD as the otherwise obscure family physician who is a bit of an icon in his New York community and who was called upon to treat President Trump when he was infected with SARS-CoV-2. Many, of course, wished him ill and derided Dr Zelenko both for his “unproven” methods and because he was helping this particular president. However, all of his skills and treatments have  turned out to be incredibly prescient. A couple of weeks ago he held an unbelievable discussion with the rabbinical leaders in his Jewish community. This is required viewing to help those who are skeptical, fearful, and confused about what is going on right now in the world.  I will let him speak for himself.  If this plays poorly or keeps interrupting, go directly to the site here.

Jul 03, 2021 Dr. Hippocrates

COVID 19 vaccine risks vs benefits (update)…

A paper published just a week ago that strongly implied a far greater risk profile to the COVID-19 vaccine than was being disclosed as advertised by governments and vaccine manufacturers has been retracted after an outcry from members of the journals editorial board. The journal, Vaccines, is one of the major industry platforms. Members of the editorial board who were involved in the peer review were not among the outraged. Other members of the editorial board – with very likely strong financial relationships with the vaccine industry – where the offended. 2 of them “resigned in protest”.  The major claims against the paper focused on liberties taken with the vaccine reporting system and the validity of who was or who was not documenting the adverse events.


Jul 01, 2021 Dr. Hippocrates

It’s the risk against the benefit…

…and the risks that are emerging from the CV 19 vaccines clearly outweigh the benefits in many of the groups currently receiving it or who are mandated to receive it. There is very little doubt that individuals who are otherwise healthy and who are considering this vaccine should “look at the data” as it were.  This is particularly true in children where the benefits are negligible and the risks are clearly significantly above and beyond those that are known.  There are many that may be unknown for years.  This parallels the abuse that went on for almost a year that mandated that children actually wear masks all day long in public spaces. It is clear now that this made absolutely no difference in transmission, risk, infectivity, etc. And yet the psychological and biological downsides continue to play out. The ignorance of parents who had otherwise healthy children wearing masks has been breathtaking.  Now we have similar behavior in the mandate that people receive vaccines when they have absolutely no idea what they are buying into. »

Jun 29, 2021 Dr. Hippocrates

The inconvenience of hazard ratios…

Language has always been used in a fashion as an instrument of control. The near magical nature of church Latin for centuries supported a mystified, near magical dimension of control over the masses. Spells, invocations, and other forms of mystical language can be very powerful weapons with which to wild power and influence. At least until it is demystified…whereupon things often can look rather common and non-intimidating. Legalese can do this. Some of the gibberish being published in the social sciences borders on unintelligible and mandates admission to a psychiatric hospital.   Take medical statistics…


Oct 07, 2017 Dr. Hippocrates

The problem with GMO foods…

…is that so often we see the term, say it, speak it, read it, and become numb to the implications.  Genetically Modified Organisms are man’s attempt to outsmart that complex supercomputer called, Nature.  Occasionally, as they say, this does much good.  Just look at how many lives have been saved !  Here is the effect of a natural soybean plant exposed to the herbicide, Dicamba, (Monsanto), when it has not had the benefit of the genetic engineering that would otherwise protect it like it’s GMO counterpart, FrankenSoybean.

Scott Simon, a very talented and award winning journalist — whose political views can often be quite annoying and wrongheaded — nonetheless featured this story on his NPR Weekend Edition today.  Quite chilling.


Sep 18, 2017 Dr. Hippocrates

Flu shots and aborting your baby…

The public may never know just how dangerous flu shots are nor how ineffective they proved to be. This is because large corporate interests control the mainstream media news desks. Don’t believe me? What do you think would happen if some legitimate study were published in a reputable journal that implicated vitamin C taken during pregnancy causing a 700% increase risk of miscarriage? It would be the lead story on everything from ABC news to 60 minutes.  There would be such an uproar that vitamin C would be removed from most every health-food store, pharmacy, and even grocery store until proper warnings were issued and a label approved by the FDA. But flu shots?  Nah….. »

Jul 09, 2017 Dr. Hippocrates

The new opiate…but it’s not a controlled substance…

The substance above is commonly used to treat “nerve pain” but is also prescribed and used for just about every kind of pain — muscle, joint, headaches, you name it — is the new “companion” drug for opiate users to gain a better “high”.  Gabapentin, aka, Neurontin, is the de rigueur new designer drug to go into your opiate sandwich.  In fact adding some gabapentin — or it’s much advertised cousin, Lyrica — to the treatment mix is frequently the quickest way to end a visit with a chronic pain sufferer whose diagnosis continues to be frustratingly ambiguous.  Hmm.


Last December, Ohio’s Board of Pharmacy began reporting sales of gabapentin prescriptions in its regular monitoring of controlled substances. The drug, which is neither an opioid nor designated a controlled substance by federal authorities, is used to treat nerve pain. But the board found that it was the most prescribed medication on its list that month, surpassing oxycodone by more than 9 million doses. In February, the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network issued an alert regarding increasing misuse across the state.  (Internal Medicine News 7.6.17)


Just like the laws of thermodynamics, for every action there is an equal an opposite re-action.  Here, my detective nose is once again going down that road that begins with asking the question, “What is REALLY happening here?”  So often I see patients who have been bounced around from clinic to clinic, specialist to specialist, Mayo to Mayo.  Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.  We live in a medical world increasingly dominated and frustrated by ill-defined, chronic, painful, and dysfunctional conditions for which we have seemingly continued to add one Band-Aid drug after another. Very little gets resolved. Did I mention Lyme disease? Now, we have created a new Pharnkenstein, and there will be more. Until the medical system begins to honestly address underlying causes and reasons for these chronic conditions, the drug industry will continue to spawn new black market epidemics.

So, what could be the harm in this seemingly innocuous add-on medication?   There is strong evidence that gabapentin and its cousin, pregabalin (Lyrica), actually inhibit dendritic plasticity and may also adversely affect reproductive functions. In other words long-term use of these two drugs will create infertility and inhibit one’s ability to learn. One might even say that it would accelerate brain aging and limit cognitive function.  The apparent benefit of these drugs in their use for chronic pain seems to largely come from limiting new “pain synapses”. That is certainly not a bad thing. However, unless the underlying reason for the pain is more aggressively sought, the patient is left to a future of simply covering it all up. Eventually, the brain is affected adversely. But also, eventually, novel and abusive uses of these drugs are discovered. This seems to be just the beginning.




May 18, 2017 Dr. Hippocrates

A smoking gun…

…as many of us know has been hiding in plain sight. Nowhere has the indoctrination of the masses been more evident (and rigorously enforced) than in the area of vaccines. Even the scientific genius of Jimmy Kimmel has been applied to the effort.  And the clarion of “no scientific proof” continues to sound and is blown in the ears of those who otherwise claim that kids injected 72 times between birth and high school graduation might actually be affected in negative ways.  Now we have a bit of a study that demands some explanation on the part of the Vaxxers… »