Every once in a while something shows up in the medical “literature” that sort of stops you in your tracks. As many of you know, dietary supplements or “vitamins” have been one of the more maligned choices made by consumers as seen through the lens of the institutional medical experts. But Big Pharma has seen the light!

Now, we have what amounts to a new declaration of need that these interventions are absolutely desirable and necessary. Here is this sudden change of heart on the part of an area of mainstream medicine recently published in Internal Medicine News. The noteworthy part of this initiative is that it has been supported by the new “Campaign for Essential Nutrients” which itself is a coalition of Bayer, Pfizer, Pharmavite, and DSM Nutritional Products — all either Big-Box Pharma or subsidiaries thereof. It was almost shocking to see the recognition of the sudden need for dietary supplements.



What we have here is the early recognition that the “one-size-fits-all” world is not a real one.  There is indeed a need to customize the health care and therefore the nutritional package with which each patient will need to be treated.  It is a little labor intensive — one of the reasons this concept is not really embraced by those who would deliver your healthcare in neat little packages of “generic in this and denial that”.

Here is another astonishing illustration that seemingly contradicts everything we have been told about dietary supplements over the last 25 years:
So, it seems that if one takes any number of different types of vitamins and minerals more than 8.5 days per month, there is a rather dramatic improvement in the chances that one’s nutritional needs will be met. Again, after being told by the physician elites that vitamins and minerals don’t matter, here we have the early propaganda that they do. We should soon expect to hear about this astounding discovery just prior to the launching of new lines of nutraceuticals from the likes of Bayer and Pfizer. Who knew?

5 Comments on It’s Easter time, the Resurrection of Dietary Supplements…

  1. They sure took long enough to figure it out. Is this because people don’t want to go get DRUGS for problems any more?

  2. what is the catch? these entities do not have your best interest in mind. remember the saying “can’t beat them, join them.?” so they join….then take over. just like small farms they will buy up the good small companies that are making great, real substitute the great real ingrdients with the cheap harmful chemicals. This is just a new tactic towards patenable products.

  3. My first thought is “it’s about time my first thought is it’s about time”. and my next thought is why do they want to take over so they can dictate the price and what we can get our hands on

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