The public may never know just how dangerous flu shots are nor how ineffective they proved to be. This is because large corporate interests control the mainstream media news desks. Don’t believe me? What do you think would happen if some legitimate study were published in a reputable journal that implicated vitamin C taken during pregnancy causing a 700% increase risk of miscarriage? It would be the lead story on everything from ABC news to 60 minutes.  There would be such an uproar that vitamin C would be removed from most every health-food store, pharmacy, and even grocery store until proper warnings were issued and a label approved by the FDA. But flu shots?  Nah…..For starters, the Washington Post carried an article that was the living and breathing definition of “damage control”.    To use the word spin does an injustice to anything that has ever been twirled:


Researchers studying the flu vaccine in pregnancy have found a hint of a possible link between miscarriage early in pregnancy and the flu vaccine in women who received a certain version of the vaccine two years in a row.  It’s the first study to identify a potential link between miscarriage and the flu vaccine and the first to assess the effect of repeat influenza vaccination and risk of miscarriage. The findings suggest an association, not a causal link, and the research is too weak and preliminary, experts said, to change the advice, which is based on a multitude of previous studies, that pregnant women should get a flu vaccine to protect them from influenza, a deadly disease that may cause serious birth defects and miscarriage. But the study is likely to raise questions about the safety of the vaccine as flu season gets underway.

“I think it’s really important for women to understand that this is a possible link, and it is a possible link that needs to be studied and needs to be looked at over more [flu] seasons,” said Amanda Cohn, senior adviser for vaccines at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which funded the study.


Excuse me? A very concise look at what all this means is done in a review this past week by JB Handley, a very successful private equity businessman and honors graduate from Stanford who also happens to be the father of an autistic child. Yes, he is on a mission. No, he is not a medical professional. However, his writing is disturbingly accurate and incisive. Here is his complete review.  But what is really troubling here, without necessarily  going overboard with conspiracy theories, is that this study published in the Journal, Vaccine, this month – September 2017 – does not yet appear in the  National Library of Medicine database. This is astonishing. Here is the abstract of the article itself from the journal, but unless you are a subscriber to Vaccine, you would never find it with a usual and customary search.   It will be interesting to see how long it takes for this study to appear in the PubMed  database where it should have been published weeks ago.


Implications? Well, read Mr. Handley’s article closely. If there is a 700% increased risk of miscarriage when the flu vaccine is given to pregnant women, what on earth is it really doing to young immune systems? What is it doing to any of our immune systems? How about efficacy. Within the past two years, there has been great controversy over the fact that it is rarely more than 15% effective in preventing influenza. Why do we support this product?  In 2010 there was a legitimate study showing that simple vitamin D supplementation significantly reduced the risk of influenza A and schoolchildren. Why is this not promoted?  One study did indicate a relationship between vitamin D levels and risk of influenza.   Interestingly, the threshold for what is considered to be an “adequate” vitamin D level is around 30. Most informed functional medicine practitioners now supplement vitamin D so that it averages ~ 70-80. No one has done a study as yet to correlate robust vitamin D levels with viral risks, particularly influenza. Those of us, however, who are in this business, know that these “robust” levels of vitamin D do indeed protect against viral illness.


Vitamin D is cheap. Influenza vaccines are patentable medicines. Follow the money.



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