telford-taylor-ig-farben-quoteSo, it is announced that Bayer is buying Monsanto. Combine Frankenstein with Dracula, the Hulk with Mr Hyde. Whatever. But the combination of these two giants — coupled with the enormous amount of $$$ they can bring to bear on governments and what they mandate — please once again review the definition of “fascism” — portends enormous implications for the general, and overall unsuspecting, citizenry…

…so stay tuned on this one.  Among the potential “connect the dots” issues are the dollars that will buy influence with the “First World” governments as well as the misappropriated applications of patentable (profitable) chemicals.  Many drugs, vaccines, pesticides, and genetically modified foods and organisms can be sold as havinging short term — if not critically needed — benefits that will in truth have long term disastrous results.  One of the standing examples of a completely uninformed public is the ubiquitous application of glyphosate (aka, Roundup) on the food supply.  Thierry Vrain is a career geneticist who recently tried to explain why we are on the tip of the nutritional wormhole:

I retired 12 years ago and started gardening as a serious hobby. After gaining that hands-on experience, I realized how much damage pesticides cause to the living environment of the soil. I learned all sorts of things that I wasn’t taught in graduate school. For example, I learned that not only pesticides, but also regular fertilizers damage communities of microorganisms in soil. I became “organic,” so to speak.

At this point, I started reading scientific research showing a problem with genetic engineering. Rats and mice fed genetically engineered, Roundup Ready grain were getting sick. At first I couldn’t figure it out. My knowledge of the engineering technology made it clear to me that this should be safe. As I explain in my TEDx talk, “The Gene Revolution, the Future of Agriculture,” I couldn’t understand why adding a gene from one species to another could be toxic because this DNA technology is used every day in many research labs around the world to create a variety of transgenic animals and plants, to study their biology, and to advance various fields of knowledge. Only two years ago did I realize that the problem lies not with genetic engineering technology itself, but with the herbicide that’s sprayed on all Roundup Ready crops. Again, I took it as my responsibility to educate people.

Here is the entire interview.  He concludes that glyphosate is actually a patented antibiotic masquerading as an herbicide and has fundamentally changed our community flora.  This, for those who have followed the evolving epidemic of autoimmunity, has created new classes of immune dysfunction and illnesses that confound patients and doctors.  But, then, Bayer will rescue it all with a new drug.  Bayer buys Monsanto.  It’s like handing ISIS some deliverable nuclear weapons.


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