hrc-sickAfter Madame Hillary’s very untimely collapse at the 9/11 Memorial today — all of which was caught on video and is now viral — there has to be some grave concern about both perception and reality. The perception, of course, is that she might simply be tired, require some thyroid adjustment, was actually a little overheated (though it was only 84 degrees), etc, etc. But there is certainly a growing perception that she just cannot handle the pressure and the pace. But there might be a much more nefarious cause with a silver lining….

Hillary lives in Chappaqua, New York, a very tony suburb with an average income somewhere north of most major league baseball players.  I am sure that she is not out in the backyard gardening, but the Clintons — as many people in the Hudson river valley have found out — do not necessarily have to be outside camping to be exposed to that dreaded, common illness about which many MDs are terribly ignorant:  Lyme disease.  Chappaqua is of course near ground zero in the epidemic of illness cause by the little deer tick borne spirochete called, borrelia.  The small deer tick nymphs can be near ubiquitous certain times of year wherever there are plenty of white footed mice to carry them around.  Many professionals who might simply brush up against a pet can get this illness.

The fact is that Ms Clinton’s physicians may NOT be covering anything up — they simply cannot figure out what is and has been causing this mysterious dysequilibrium that caused the concussion in 2012 and that continues to apparently worsen along with memory issues, loss of energy, and who knows what else.  IF she has Lyme disease, there will continue to be the “her tests are all normal” statements just like it happens with hundreds of thousands of others who eventually find their way to a “Lyme literate MD” (LLMD) for skilled help.  This would most assuredly disqualify her from continuing her candidacy.  Her race might be over anyway as far as I am concerned because a healthy Joe Biden or Bernie would have a much better chance to compete than a very shaky and worsening Hillary.

But what if she DID receive the diagnosis with treatment?  It would be the biggest single blessing that could ever occur for the Lyme community.  It would be out in the open and receive the attention as an epidemic that has been denied to so many from the Mayo Clinic on down to the local community health center.


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  1. I noticed on one of Dr. Richard Horowitz’s Facebook posts that when he was at Hillary’s birthday party, he gave her a copy of his book on Lyme disease and also the article by Jessica Bernstein about “how Lyme can be a game changer for the next election.” In light of this blog, the previous statement couldn’t have been more appropriately stated. Maybe, Hillary will get around to reading her gift with all of her time off the campaign trail.

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