Apparently a neurologist took a look at the number of patients who are being “misdiagnosed” with MS at 4 academic health care centers including the Mayo Clinic. This “study” revealed that half of these patients had been treated for more than 3 years with very dangerous drugs that can cause even more serious illness, and a third for more than 10 years!  This study was reported at a recent conference and is rather astonishing in and of itself since these are supposed to be the so called “centers of excellence” (Mayo, Washington University, Oregon Health and Science University, and the University of Vermont). The most common “misdiagnosis” was migraine followed by fibromyalgia, “nonlocalizing neurological symptoms with abnormal MRI”, and “conversion or psychogenic disorder”. Right.  Not a single mention of Lyme disease despite the fact that these 4 centers exist in the heart of Borrelia country and that Lyme disease indeed causes every single one of the these symptom complexes.

So why the ongoing level of obtuseness from these places? Are they just tone deaf or are there more nefarious reasons for not even considering Lyme as a “misdiagnosis”? Lyme is treated with antibiotics, many of which are simply not very profitable anymore, and the treatment and management is labor intensive. Ask any Lyme literate MD. The other reason, of course is that this would be a tacit and public admission that the earth revolves around the sun. We’re just not there yet.

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