This will likely be a polarizing movie for those who manufacture and sell vaccines (insert numerous drug conglomerates), distribute them (pediatricians and insurers), and who argue for their efficacy (many ignorant citizens and MDs who have been drinking the Kool Aid).  But the connection between vaccines and autism continues to be debated due to the compelling nature of just too many cases where it appears obvious. 

There may be some vaccines that are scientifically proven to be as effective as advertised, yes.  Let’s start with FluMist — 2% effective and now quietly being removed from the CDC “recommended” list.  The crickets are chirping at the FDA.  Pertussis?  The new acellular version is seemingly ineffective enough to now be suspect in the spread of outbreaks.  Most of those infected had actually been vaccinated.  And the next time someone asks if you are overdue for your tetanus booster, try doing an IgG titre against the tetanus toxin:  if you are healthy it will likely show that you do not need the shot based on the level of antibodies that tend to remain high over many years.  But then, of course, who cares?  People if with very high tetanus antibodies can just as likely get severe tetanus!  In other words vaccination does not equal immunity.

But the real issue is the harm these drugs do on the infants and children who are never the same.  A child born in Minnesota will receive 68 vaccinations by the time they graduate from high school — and that does not include the ill advised Gardisil that is being promoted right now.  Autism is an epidemic now — and it is not a result of “greater awareness” as we hear from the vaccine moguls.  Nor has the CDC been honest with the data.  The film is worth seeing, and I doubt anyone will dispute the facts presented.

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  1. Very powerful information. I wish all new mothers could see this so they could make more informed choices about the vaccinations they subject their precious children to.

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