May 18, 2017 Chris Foley

A smoking gun…

…as many of us know has been hiding in plain sight. Nowhere has the indoctrination of the masses been more evident (and rigorously enforced) than in the area of vaccines. Even the scientific genius of Jimmy Kimmel has been applied to the effort.  And the clarion of “no scientific proof” continues to sound and is blown in the ears of those who otherwise claim that kids injected 72 times between birth and high school graduation might actually be affected in negative ways.  Now we have a bit of a study that demands some explanation on the part of the Vaxxers… »

Dec 16, 2016 Chris Foley

Those darn, useless supplements…



…that we recently highlighted here after the JAMA editorialized about the stupid American public’s ongoing use of them. The scholarly publication — with absolutely NO ties to the drug industry — again warned us about the dangers and waste in their use a few weeks ago very likely because the pharmaceutical folks would love to get their hands on the money from their sales. So let’s demonize them first, regulate them, then take them over when hundreds of small supplement companies cannot possibly afford to deal with the newly created regulatory environment.


Dec 03, 2016 Chris Foley

Medical freakout…


The only thing more self righteous than the Archbishop of Seville during the Spanish Inquisition is the modern day oncologist when confronted with a curious patient who might have a suggestion or two in the management of their cancer.  Any physician who has had experience with managing the cancer patient — especially childhood cancer where “treats” are used as a reward for the administration of chemotherapy and many of the other treatments used in modern day oncology — diet is usually casually dismissed with a “eat whatever you want comment” by the oncologist.  This has been the case for years and unfortunately continues despite a growing body of evidence that diet indeed does matter…


Nov 27, 2016 Chris Foley

A simple element…



Selenium.  Brazil nuts (though not really “nuts” but rather more of a fruit) contain unusually rich amounts of selenium.  Simple supplementation with this key mineral can turn what might otherwise be a deadly case of coxsackie virus-induced myocarditis (with heart failure, the need for a heart transplant, etc) into a nuisance respiratory infection to which your immune system successfully responds with lifelong immunity. I read today a fear-mongering story in the LA Times about the devastation wrought by the West Nile virus in the case of a 55 year old woman who is now wheelchair bound.  What could have prevented this?  Oh, I know… »

Nov 19, 2016 Chris Foley

The Legend of Domperidone…


Occasionally something comes around in the world of medicine that creates such a universal value that it is welcomed and praised for the misery it spares and the lives that it saves. How about a drug that enhances the rather common problem of a sluggish bowel, speeds gastric emptying (a common variable in reflux), and even helps women safely produce breast milk when it is not forthcoming? Even relieves nausea and vomiting! This med is not even new, actually, but rather has been around for quite some time — long enough for any proprietary rights to have long expired. It’s generic is rather inexpensive. So why can’t physicians today prescribe it?


Oct 28, 2016 Chris Foley

The American Medical Association declares war (again) on supplements…


Yes, the AMA — that organization consisting now of < 12% of licensed MDs or DOs in this country — has sought to go after that life and death question in one of their latest editorials:  The Supplement Paradox — Negligible Benefits, Robust Consumption (JAMA. 2016;316(14):1453-1454. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.14252).  Why, we Americans must be downright stupid, no?


Oct 16, 2016 Chris Foley

Thank you Dr Zhang

One would think that a full professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins University would be a credible source of validation to the seeming endless numbers of infectious disease specialists, neurologists, rheumatologists, and other tone deaf physicians in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, the upper midwest, and nation who continue to tell patients that “chronic Lyme disease does not exist”. Yet, today he effectively said that it not only exists but that it is imperative to understand its complex nature in order to begin to prescribe appropriate treatment plans.  Here he is interviewed at a Vector Disease conference in 2015 in Norway.  This should be required reading for the aforementioned Luddites we find in every clinic in the country right now.


Oct 15, 2016 Chris Foley

The Mayo Clinic takes a Lyme disease bow…


As you likely have heard, the diligent scientists at the Mayo Clinic have discovered a variant on the organism that causes Lyme disease, aka, Borrelia burgdorfei (Bb). This new spirochete was found when a lab test called a PCR was done on a young boy with profound weakness, fever, and a rash. But the test showed a mysterious organism similar to but different from the Bb bug transmitted by deer ticks. A new species!