Oct 07, 2017 Chris Foley

The problem with GMO foods…

…is that so often we see the term, say it, speak it, read it, and become numb to the implications.  Genetically Modified Organisms are man’s attempt to outsmart that complex supercomputer called, Nature.  Occasionally, as they say, this does much good.  Just look at how many lives have been saved !  Here is the effect of a natural soybean plant exposed to the herbicide, Dicamba, (Monsanto), when it has not had the benefit of the genetic engineering that would otherwise protect it like it’s GMO counterpart, FrankenSoybean.

Scott Simon, a very talented and award winning journalist — whose political views can often be quite annoying and wrongheaded — nonetheless featured this story on his NPR Weekend Edition today.  Quite chilling.


Jul 12, 2016 Chris Foley

The Vaccine Tragedy…hiding in plain sight…

This will likely be a polarizing movie for those who manufacture and sell vaccines (insert numerous drug conglomerates), distribute them (pediatricians and insurers), and who argue for their efficacy (many ignorant citizens and MDs who have been drinking the Kool Aid).  But the connection between vaccines and autism continues to be debated due to the compelling nature of just too many cases where it appears obvious.  »

Jul 06, 2016 Chris Foley

Another vaccine failure…but the public keeps buying.

“Despite federal gogardasiladvernment recommendations, only 45% of boys and 60% of girls are getting vaccinated against HPV”.  This is a quote from a medical correspondent on CBS.  Interesting statement since this vaccine does not prevent the STD, human papilloma virus.  A condom would actually prevent HPV, but with the widespread use of oral contraceptives in teenagers and young adults the condom wouldn’t seem as crucial.  This vaccination is marketed in this manner so often, but it actually prevents just four strains of HPV infections from becoming genital warts or cervical cancer.  Yet the campaign to induce an ignorant American public continues… »

Jul 04, 2016 Chris Foley

Zika may be just another Y2K…

…because it is appearing to be a virus in search of a disease…and perhaps a vaccine.  Nothing serves up a better medical version of “never letting a crisis go to waste” than some new, mysterious illness that seems to evoke billionAedes egyptis of dollars of federal aid overnight to the vaccine makers and their academic partners.  Although this virus certainly causes human illness, it does not appear to be either new nor as dangerous as the newsies would like it to be. »

Jul 03, 2016 Chris Foley

The CPT corner: diet and cancer…”Eat anything you want…”

Today wBroccolie will start a new weekly feature that focuses on the world of the “code”.   Most patients are oblivious of the fact that physicians have given up their professional status for the most part to that of representing an insurance interest.  In fact many academic MDs who are comfortably positioned in a tenured university position argue that clinical decision making should above be centered around that which is best for the overall “public health”.  Would “resource allocation” best serve the broader community if grandpa did or did not get that new hip or heart valve, for example.  The ever-evolving Current Procedural Terminology codes — aka, CPT codes — continue to influence and mold clinical decision making.  There is a direct relationship between this CPT culture and the reason why oncologists are tone deaf about diet… »

Jun 23, 2016 PeterAdmin

Alzheimer’s at Harvard: We might have gotten this all wrong…

Bugs in your brain
Bugs in your brain

…and those crazy Lyme doctors might have been right.  Yes, there does appear to be some concern now that the abnormal protein accumulating in the membranes of individuals with documented dementia — AKA “Alzheimer’s disease” — may actually simply be the immune system’s reaction to infection.  Physicians familiar with the management of chronic Lyme disease, who have been told that there is no such thing, can perhaps now be exonerated for being absolutely correct about this organism.   In an important position piece published in Science Translational Medicine, “Alzheimer’s would be triggered by a normal immune response gone astray or into over-drive in response to bacteria or other pathogens.” as reported in USA Today.   »

May 23, 2016 PeterAdmin

Did you know that your tax dollars are sending illegals to US medical schools?

Free medical education for illegals
Free medical education for illegals

As astonishing as that sounds, it is true based on a recent news story that has popped up as a result of several states challenging President Obama’s “DACA” executive order.  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or “DACA” is one of our creative president’s executive orders that protects the children of illegals who came here “through no fault of their own”.  Now the legal focus is on the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the medical education of these grown children: