Mar 15, 2017 Chris Foley

If we could only patent broccoli…

If we could only patent broccoli….                                   Mark Berger MD

Disregarding the fact that dozens of statin trials have shown minimal or no benefit in reducing cardiovascular disease or postponing death, the latest enlightenment for statin treatment comes from the Merck sponsored IMPROVE-IT trial (Cannon, NEJM, 2015) which showed that adding ezetimide (which blocks intestinal absorption of cholesteroll) to simvastatin lowers LDL better than simvastatin alone, with the 2% absolute reduction in combined endpoints hailed as a significant breakthrough in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.  Two percent.  But relative risk falls 40% or more, and this is what the physician and patient public hears.  So an ABSOLUTE risk reduction of 3.6% to 2% is translated into a RELATIVE risk reduction of >40%.  That is deception by any other name. Yet another deceptive statin trial targeting elevated cholesterol as the primary cause of heart disease, when other underlying metabolic — or even infectious — mechanisms are at work and disregarded…


May 23, 2016 admin

The FDA and the unsuspecting American consumer

Most people are now aware of the medical benefits of constituents in the marijuana plant.  But not too many people in the US understand the diference between “THC” (tetrahydrocannabinol), the mood altering and occasionally hallucinogenic part of marijuana that is the source of being “stoned”, and canabidiol, aka, “CBD.”  Many a songwriter and lead guitarist might owe some of that creative artistry to the former substance.  But both are involved with the so-called “endocannabinoid” system — a complex network of long chain fatty acids, receptors, and enzymes that influences many processes such as appetite, carcinogenesis, cardiovascular diseases, fertility, immune functions, memory, neuroprotection, and pain sensitivity.    A graphic might look like this (credit to Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience): »

May 23, 2016 admin

Chicken pox is less common, but we have an epidemic of shingles

….and it is not just the “aging population” here.  Since the advent of the chicken pox vaccine, kids don’t get the illness as much anymore (almost always a mild, flu like illness with the old “badge of honor” rash.  But that granted lifelong immunity from a virus that likely would never rear its head again — except for that terrible, painful rash that can reemerge as “shingles”.   And there is a shingles epidemic since the era of the chicklen pox vaccine has dawned that is seemingly “hard to explain” — or so say the experts tht want everyone vaccinated.  But a closer look shows that the chicken pox vaccine is a live virus that is actually only 44% effective for all forms of the illness and only 86% effective against severe illness.  What this says is that having the illness naturally confers a superior type of immunity compared with the vaccine.  And the vaccine may actually make one MORE vulnerable to shingles — which requires…wait for it…another vaccine.  And THAT vaccine is not what it seems in the Terry Bradshaw commericals.  Thank you to the National Vaccine Information Center: »

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Robert de Niro not such a tough guy after all

…yes, the big shot of Ronin, Casino, and Heist.  The Raging Bull got castrated by the vaccine industry who are the REAL heavies.  It’s not the movies, anymore, Robert…these folks play for keeps.  And you caved.  Please stick to comedies from now on. »

May 23, 2016 admin

New perpectives on the gender ambiguity front

An interesting perspective from the American College of Pediatricians supplies us with some common sense that might balance the forces of campus correctness that distress us when choosing which locker room or shower to use.  Here the smaller (and more conservative) American College of Pediatricians states categorically that girls are girls and boys are boys (at least when it comes to gender — not sexual orientation).  Dialogue here is very important, epecially when it supported by some science. »

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A wonderful description of just how corrupt the Affordable Care Act is

This very erudite piece was written by one of my good friends and admired medical philosophers, Bob Geist MD, a retired St Paul urologist, who saw thru the current health reform long before Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar failed to read the bill they voted on.  Anyone who has had an angry moment over how health care is run, where all the money goes, and who is playing the charade on them really must read this piece titled, “Profiteering at the Patient’s Bedside.” »

May 23, 2016 admin

The NEJM and Lyme disease

Just when you think that there might be an ounce of enlightenment on the part of the tone deaf medical establishment re the diagnosis and management of Lyme disease, along comes a totally non sensical publication bannered as a major study by the beloved New England Journal of Medicine.  This study that simply compared an additional 12 weeks of 2 antibiotics (one of which does not work very well at all against borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete that causes Lyme disease) against a placebo in patients with bona fide Lyme disease who had received 2 weeks of IV ceftriaxone, a standard therapy in most conventional circles. Quality of life issues were measured, and the conclusion was: »