There is no doubt that the male sexual drive — and the capacity to “see it thru” — is big business. From “Low T” to those mysterious pheromes sold in the back pages of Popular Mechanics, the biology of male sexual responses always seems to induce the best and worst in sales and decpetion. But now a study emerges from a legitimate scientific paper in Austria that instructs us to simply get out of the shadows…

Daily exposure to intense white light, an established treatment for seasonal affective disorder, also may improve male sexual dysfunction…” concludes a new study announced at an annual meeting of the American Thyroid Association as reported in Internal Medicine News this week.

“We found a very strong difference in sexual satisfaction and also in blood testosterone levels with intense light therapy. Patients seemed to respond to it really well, and our placebo group didn’t respond at all,” according to Dr. Fagiolini, professor and chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of Siena (Italy).

Could there be sexual peril for the majority of men in urban centers who get up in the dark much of the year, use transportation that invariably is underground or shaded on a bus or in a car, then pound away in an office all day until it’s dark again?

Interestingly there was a significant improvement in testosterone production as well lending some credence to the idea that men with low T are just plain in the dark.  The increase in testosterone is thought to be a result of the light-induced production of LH, the hormone that directs the gonads to produce the hormone.  And this increase is not trivial — more than a 70% average increase noted after only 2 weeks of bright light exposure.

Full spectrum light at every work station, I say.  Soon, there will be a workplace standard such that no man is in the dark for the sake of the species.  Of course, the Title IX study is likely in progress somewhere.

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