…hiding in plain “sight”, as it were, is leaving everyone yet another clue. Hillary’s Eyes are now the topic of conversation as her obvious cranial nerve palsy is picked up by more and more people. Now Powerline has started asking the question about the crossed eyes — cranial nerve paralysis — so evident for months with our favorite female presidential candidate.   As we had previously reported, it’s Lyme disease, Watson……and it will only worsen as her “best physicians in the world” continue to wonder what is going on.  They will do the standard testing that is so inaccurate and that condemns millions of patients to the purgatory of “depression”, “chronic fatigue”, “idiopathic Parkinsons”, etc, every year.  The combination of fatigue, diffuse and non specific neurologic findings, mood swings, cognitive decline (duh), and dysautonomia (look it up) is obvious to any Lyme literate MD and most Lyme patients, but here — with the conventional medical world looking on — not so much.  This might be the best thing to ever happen to Lyme disease, but it might also be the worst thing for Ms Clinton, especially if it is continually denied as a diagnosis.  Unless the Clinton campaign makes an emergency call to Richard Horowitz or Joe Burrascano in the next few days, this is going to end badly for a lot of folks.

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  1. This is just buzzfeed propaganda with no factual evidence via privileged private medical records to support this diagnosis. Come on really? Is this new web site really going to do this?

    • Well, it is of course, speculation and I myself originated the idea — not “Buzzfeed”. It is plausible if you do read the argument and the constellation of symptoms. It is also intended to draw attention to HRCs health — which is clearly not good — and to Lyme disease which is so often missed. The snarky reply was a little surprising as my intention was anything but a negative one. If HRC were indeed to have Lyme disease, it would be the best thing to happen re public awareness (tho I would not wish it on anyone).

  2. This is nothing but buzzfeed hype, unsubstantiated by any facts other than guesswork by observing a few physical signs and following the lead of the media. If one were to follow this line of thinking, this is the exact line of thinking that has caused many in the medical world to doubt those doing good work in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease. Really? Is that what this new web site will be promoting? Buzzfeed hype?

  3. If my above comment is not posted, I will not be subsribing to this newsletter any longer as I am not interested in unbalanced responses from readers. This is in no way meant to be unsupportive of Dr Foleys efforts, quite the contrary, wishing for alot of success but writers beware of ranting without fact, then it just becomes one mans blog spot

    • Understood. We are new at this site mgmt, and I could not get many of the comments “approved” for several days due to a glitch. All solved, and please do continue to contribute!

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