The standard for diagnosing COVID 19 in most people — screening, confirming an early illness, or even post mortem — has been the PCR or “polymerase chain reaction” test.  More definitively it is called the rtPCR or “real time” PCR and is based on the detection of DNA fragments that are shed from the COVID 19 virus.  Oftentimes — i.e., almost always — the test must be “amplified” for the DNA to be identified by the instruments used for that purpose.  This would be like a magnifying process similar to the modern sonar devices on fishing boats.  But the “gain” must be adjusted so that fish are indeed identified.  Too little gain, and nothing is seen.  Too much gain, and every piece of wood or seaweed looks like a muskie or a shark.  The adjustment is very important.

Similarly, the amplification rate for PCR testing needs to be “just right” such that the virus is indeed reliably detected and the risk of “over detection” (false positive tests) is limited.  The PCR technology used in most states and approved by 3rd party payors has largely used amplification rates above 35-40.  This yields an estimated false + rate above 80%.  Ponder the implications of that.  How many events from family gatherings to major sporting events to panic-driven press releases and mask mandates have likely been caused by the fish finder misidentifying a piece of driftwood?  SHARK!  And the lockdowns and fearmongering proceed.  The “waves of death” warnings are again being given by the likes of Minnesota’s favorite epidemiologist (who missed the mark in 2020 by 1000%).  The teacher unions are again bracing for new mandates, and the vaccines will be imposed in new ways starting with the NFL — an organization that really could use a medical expert with more medical school than its commissioner.

The Minnesota Department of Health continues to promote the narrative that a + PCR test means that one indeed has COVID and must quarantine:

A positive COVID-19 test (molecular or antigen test) means the person who took the test has COVID-19 and can spread it to others.

Although the alternative “antigen test” is also mentioned, it is considered “less accurate”.  In fact in asymptomatic individuals, the antigen test has a sensitivity of only ~ 41%.  That is to say that if you are not ill, there is a far higher likelihood that an antigen test will be negative than a PCR test that can yield an 85% false + result.  Think of the implications if the CDC had recommended only antigen testing rather than promoting the PCR testing industry.  Jon Rahm might have won the US Open and likely would have been allowed to play for the Olympic gold medal in golf.  Notre Dame might have actually played Navy this year.  The Indianapolis 500 might have been run on Memorial Day weekend in 2020.  And millions of children might have been in school without masks.  Did I mention that governors would not have had the “emergency mandate” to lock down economies?

Foxnews reports — and no one else is reporting — that the FDA, no less, is quietly retiring the PCR currently in use because it cannot distinguish between influenza and COVID.  This is a huge story as it effectively invalidates the basis for the entire “casedemic” through which we have suffered for the past 18 mos.  Remember how influenza “disappeared” this year?  Well…..

Someone needs to send a telegram to French President Macron — some pronounce it “moron” — who actually wore a mask while driving at 25 mph in the open convertible pace car for the start of one of the Tour de France stages.  His entire country has just imposed policy based on a gigantic piece of “misinformation”.  Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar is trying to author legislation that would punish tech platforms publishing “misinformation” about the virus and/or vaccines.  I want to see Sen Klobuchar voluntarily place herself in custody for being one of the sponsors of “misinformation” all along.  She should then invite Governor Walz, Michael Osterholm, Jan Malcolm, and others to join her.

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